ECO-4 is a multipurpose lubricant for all applications in and around the home, car, boat and garden. It is based on vegetable oil and is non-toxic, biodegradable and safe to use. It is an alternative to mineral based lubricants that can be harmful, and is not irritable.


ECO-4 can be applied to grease, clean, loosen and protect doors, furniture, tools, hydraulic equipment, bearings, locks, saw chains, hinges, practically all metals and most plastics.

It performs the following tasks successfully:

Good Penetrant

Loosens stuck parts

Can be used to temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius

Cleans and Greases

Reduces Wear and Friction

Removes Rust and Moisture


ECO-4 is ideal for all applications in and around the home, car, boat and garden.

It can be applied to grease, clean, loosen and protect:




Hydraulic Equipment


Saw Chains

Cars and Caravans




Summary of Properties and Technical Data

  • Based on vegetable oil
  • Fast performing penetrant
  • Biodegradable 90% after 21 days (Per CEC L-33- T-82 test method of the Coordinating European Council)
  • Especially good compatibility with seals based on AU, NBR, FPM, and HNBR at temperatures up to 60%.
Density 20°C 0,918 kg/m³
Pour point -27 °C
Viscosity 40°C 83 mm²/s
Viscosity 100°C 18 mm²/s
Flash Point 298 °C
Viscosity 50°C 60 mm²/s
Wear Protection VKA
welding load
2000 N


ECO-4 comes in a 50-ml. flask, 30 flasks in a box, or up to 150 boxes on a pallet.

Different packaging and private labels are acceptable.

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ECO-4 is distributed exclusively by Technos DIY BV, a daughter company of Technos, established in 1978. Technos DIY provides products for DIY distributors and producers.

It joins the present Epoxy line of Technos DYI: Aquakit.

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